Roberto Rovira

Mission Planters

Steel planters are designed, customized and produced by Roberto Rovira Incorporated. The corten steel provides an oxidized patina that weathers well with age. Other finishes are also available. +

Forged Steel & Glass Drafting Table

This steel and glass drafting/light table was designed and built by Roberto Rovira.

Mill Valley Planters

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H2H Planters

Modernline_H2H is a narrow metal planter ideal for defining boundaries with a crisp clean line. Custom sizes and profiles available.

Bigbox Planters

Modernline_Bigbox provides enough soil depth for large plant material that makes an immediate impact. Custom sizes and profiles available. +

Hoop Planters

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Copia Planters

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Steel planters are designed and produced by the studio in a variety of finishes, ranging from corten steel to oxidized patinas,
galvanized, and zinc-dipped coatings. They provide an instant and striking transformation to any project.