Roberto Rovira

Boca Museum of Art

A combination of elements rethink the museum’s exterior as a canvas that opens up to the city and transforms the existing sidewalk into an exterior gallery that is accessible and openly visible to the passing public. +

Wynwood Greenhouse Park

The Wynwood Greenhouse proposes an open and flexible framework that exists at the intersection of art, architecture, and landscape. This iconic destination for design, music, art, events, and play, is composed of an ultra-thin structural frame… +

Magnolia North Park, Opa Locka, FL

This community park transformed four vacant lots into one of Opa Locka, Florida’s, more thriving public spaces. In a neighborhood challenged by a history of violence, economic depression and urban decay +

Rietveld Park, Aruba

The design of Rietveld Park in Oranjestad, Aruba, borrows from the legacy of Gerrit Rietveld as much as from the bold colors and textures of the island’s vernacular architecture and landscape. +

Lauderhill Overpass

The transformation of the overpass structure addresses the challenges of an imposing and divisive bridge by introducing large scale shade structures that provide shelter and protection as much as they aim to reflect the identity of the surrounding community… +

Easel-Bench Courtyard

The Easel-Bench Project at South Miami Middle Arts Magnet extends the elementary school’s art studios into the adjacent courtyard, in effect doubling the existing classroom space. +

The Sky Lounge

The FIU Deuxième Maison courtyard redesign transforms one of Florida International University’s earlier buildings and takes advantage of the courtyard’s dramatic height, while being mindful of the constraints of maintenance and existing infrastructure underground… +

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum creates a model for ‘primitive luxury’ for the region by carving into the sandstone cliffs near a nature preserve close to Petra, Jordan. The landscape features of this 80,000sf site minimize water usage and energy consumption while maximizing comfortable healthy living and exposure to the natural beauty of the area… +

Parque de las Flores

Parque de las Flores proposes a  model for the botanical garden whereby scientific, technological, cultural, educational, aesthetic and economic agendas are integrated into an ecologically-based proposal… +

The Ecological Atlas Project

The Ecological Atlas is a visually intuitive mapping method that provides a means with which to understand the relationships and the richness of living systems. The project addresses the challenge of visualizing and understanding relationships among individual… +

Seattle JTF Lookout

Winner of a public art competition for Seattle’s Joint Training Facility–a center where Firefighters and Utility personnel conduct training–the JTF Lookout explores the concepts of balance, vulnerability and scale as these relate to the diverse branches of personnel who use the Joint Training Facility. +

San Francisco Botanical Garden

The San Francisco Botanical Garden, which encompasses a botanically diverse and ecologically important collection of over 7500 varieties of plants on 55 acres within San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, sponsored an open, one-stage, international competition to select a design for the Gondwana Circle. +


The Sunspars project was the first place winner of an international ideas competition whose goal was to create a monument to the City of Miami. Pivoting pedestrian bridges transform from a horizontal position during the daytime into a vertical configuration that can be visited via elevators at night. +

Oakland Interstate 880 Gateway

This winning public art competition proposal sought ways of connecting waterfront and downtown Oakland at a busy and dark highway underpass. The design makes use of materials such as guardrails, recycled rubber and LED lights that acknowledge the presence of the highway but that also reinterpret materials common to this context. +


Located in the East Courtyard fountain of the Solano County Government Center, this winning proposal for a public art competition explores the concepts of history, transparency, and balance, and juxtaposes layers of the county’s history on its surface. The 8ft x 20ft x 22ft steel and glass +

Wilson Avenue Light Towers (WALT)

Paralleling this important entrance into the city, the Wilson Avenue Light Tower Project proposes a series of towering lookouts that project onto the adjacent river’s wetlands.Each tower has a tall, solar-powered, hollow mast that is illuminated at night, providing a pedestrian destination that educates the public about +

Parque de Valdebebas, Madrid

In this competition proposal, the site’s agricultural history, its deep cross-section and the system of creeks and streams that currently and formerly lined the Valdebebas landscape were used to provide a flexible circulation network of green paths that connected important points in and outside the site. These green corridors allowed the ground to +

Shellmound Park

Commissioned to design a 14,000sf park honoring what used to be the most substantial Native American shellmound in the San Francisco Bay Area, the project proposed the substantial sculptural form of woven metal arches delineating the volume of the original mound. Raised walkways and wetlands grass +

DMU Dubai

As part of a mixed-use development, the landscape in this project sought the integration of indoors and outdoors with multiple strategies for creating microclimates and shade. The shade structures became iconic elements whose shapes and design echoed the angular nature of the architecture and +

Coney Island New York

This proposal for a waterfront boardwalk used the language of marine forms to create an immersive environment that would appeal at all hours. By complementing a lighting scheme designed around tidal fluctuation, fountains and features would change throughout the day and cast dynamic shadows. +

Biscayne Landing

The reclamation of this nearly 200-acre former landfill site into a retail, residential and commercial mixed-use community made Biscayne Landing the largest LEED development project in the southeastern United States at the time. Located next to Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park, Biscayne +

W Hotel Dubai

The W’s landscape defined the intersection between the hotel and the water and gave residents and guests a seamless experience between indoors and outdoors. The integration of the marina as a part of the landscape strategy–creating floating lounges that took advantage of the boats’ lighting and dock terraces throughout–established a layered +

Hudson Square, New York

Hudson Square is an approximately 30-block district on Manhattan’s West Side formerly known as the “Printing District.” Its connection to the area’s cultural and ecological history and to the Hudson River that borders it was a critical component of this invited competition proposal. As a catalyst that can link the area with year-round activities and +


These projects attempt to explore the boundaries of landscape architecture, architecture, design and fine art, and operate in a multiplicity of scales. The ideal project in many ways invites an iterative act of making, modeling, writing and drawing that is as much about the pursuit of a design solution, as it is
engaged in a creative act every time. The interdisciplinary nature of the work allows for rich and unexpected discoveries that are committed to the belief that engagement with life, community, environment, and the human spirit are the ultimate design values.