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  • Detail showing month on horizontal axis and species on vertical axis
  • Florida Wildflowers 1
  • Florida Wildflowers 2
  • Florida Wildflowers 3
  • Florida Wildflowers 4
  • Florida Wildflowers 5
  • Florida plant palette 1
  • Florida Birds 1
  • Florida Butterflies 1
  • Wadi Rum, Jordan | Program / Fauna Matrix
  • Wadi Rum, Jordan | 24hr Sectional Activities Diagram 1
  • Wadi Rum, Jordan | 24hr Sectional Activities Diagram 2
The Ecological Atlas Project

The Ecological Atlas communicates the seasonal changes of the natural world and serves as a comprehensive design and visualization tool. It bridges art, science, design, and technology, and connects the power of data and technology to help designers, planners, and anyone interested in better understanding and transforming the environment. 

By using intuitive, graphic mappings that can convey changes in bloom times, deciduous tree patterns, produce seasonality, animal migrations, and other time-dependent phenomena, the EcoAtlas facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the environment.

Check out the Ecological Atlas video above.


Images from Coral Gables Museum and Arte Americas Exhibit and TEDx Coconut Grove.

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Project Team:
Roberto Rovira, Alejandro Pérez, Andrés Pineda, Anwar Morales, Brennan Baxley, Bruno Sanabria, Daniela Menéndez, Emily Vandenoever, Erika Gottsegen, José Alvarez, José Fonseca, Kevin Arrieta, Luis Jiménez, Mario Graña, Martina González, Meredith Lambert, Rufino Gil, Ryan Correia, Séfora Chavarría, Valeria Quintanilla.

Exhibit Image Credits:
Butterflies: Rick Cech , Fruit: Charles K. Boning / Pineapple Press, Fish: Diane Peebles, Birds: Karl Karalus, Plants: Robert O’Brien, Tropical Plant Pictures, RealWorldImagery, the USDA Plant Database and the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants. Used by permission.

Other References:
University of Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Florida Native Plant Society, Institute for Regional Conservation.

If you are interested in the Ecological Atlas and would like additional information, please contact us at