Roberto Rovira


Atlas Mar showcases the work produced during the Van Alen Institute – National Park Service Parks for the People competition, an interdisciplinary landscape architecture and architecture studio at FIU that sought to re-envision the National Park of the 21st Century.

FIU was 1 of 8 finalist teams selected nationally. The team was led by Roberto Rovira, and was comprised by:  John Stuart, Chair and Professor of Architecture; Elysse Newman, Associate Professor of Architecture; Xavier Cortada, Director of the Office of Engaged Creativity; Mike Heithaus, Associate Professor and Director of the School of the Environment, Arts & Society; Campbell McGrath, Professor of the Department of English.

Book layout by Daniela Motta and Viviana Restrepo. Art direction by Roberto Rovira. Available as a hardcopy and free PDF download from Lulu.