Roberto Rovira

Boca Museum of Art Exterior Renovation Opens

The Boca Museum of Art Exterior Renovation Project officially opened on Monday, 03DEC2018. The project redefines the Museum’s relationship to the public by transforming two prominent vehicular and pedestrian edges that never took advantage of their public exposure. The undulating landscape comprised primarily of native grasses and low plantings rethink the Museum exterior as a canvas that opens up to the city and creates an exterior, openly accessible gallery.  Studio Roberto Rovira collaborated with Glavovic Studio collaborated on the $1.5M project.

See Project Portfolio Page here.


Art Newspaper: “You have to renovate to accumulate: three South Florida museums expand in very different ways” by Jillian Steinhauer with additional reporting by Helen Stoilas

Boca Voice: “Boca Raton Museum of Art achieves prominence with new exterior and public art project” by Marci Shatzman