Roberto Rovira


Jacek Kolasinski (visual arts), Roberto Rovira (landscape architecture & printmaking) and Orlando Garcia (music) are collaborating in the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum exhibit titled Stadtluft macht frei  / Urban Air Makes You Free, which opens on Wednesday 10SEP2014 at 6pm and goes until 19OCT2014.

Stadtluft macht frei (urban air makes you free) is a German Mediaeval dictum describing a principle of law that offered freedom and land to settlers who took up urban residence for more than “a year and a day.”  Broadly speaking, this principle allowed the rising burger class to seek self-governance and economic autonomy.  The proliferations of the city communes redefined the socio-economic landscape of Mediaeval Europe.

Migration to cities, whether catalyzed by political dictum or by the promise of socioeconomic betterment, powerfully informs the many transformations that have shaped contemporary cities, nations, and landscapes. Migration, as a human and ecological phenomenon, profoundly reshapes its context and is a conduit by which identity is routinely questioned.

This collaborative multimedia enquiry brings together voices of three discrete academic disciplines to offer a unique artistic interpretation of this complex historic process.  This project employs an array of techniques including 3-d fabrication, video, printmaking and digital sound composition.