Roberto Rovira


The “EcoAtlas Project | Mapping Ecologies” project will be on exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum 04-27JAN13,  with a lecture on Tue. 15JAN13 at 7pm. The project captures the transformation of living systems over time through a visually intuitive mapping method. Whether it illustrates the changes of hundreds of South Florida wildflowers throughout the year, the various seasons when fruits and vegetables are ripe for the picking, or the seasonal migration of birds and butterflies, the project attempts to communicate the rich complexities of our ever-changing flora and fauna. The EcoAtlas is a visually intuitive mapping method developed by Roberto Rovira that provides a means with which to understand the relationships and the richness of living systems.

Understanding the complex relationship between living and built systems is fundamental to their meaningful and sustainable transformation and design.  The project addresses the challenge of visualizing and understanding relationships among individual components and communicating their constant state of change.

The exhibit is part of a larger research project that aims to build an ecological atlas that can serve designers, planners, and anyone interested in better understanding the environment.