Roberto Rovira


In a little over a month, the FIU Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design (LAEUD) program video received over 1,000 hits on Youtube. The video showcases a series of student, alumni and program partners of the LAEUD Department, which is chaired by Roberto Rovira.

Main Program Video:

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Executive Producer: Roberto Rovira, Associate Professor and Chair of FIU Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design (LAEUD)
Concept, production and direction: OTP Productions, Inc.

FIU LAEUD is a premier Landscape Architecture program that takes advantage of its Miami setting to explore important issues affecting cities and environments of the 21st century. We are committed to design that makes waves and moves mountains.

Situated between two of the richest coastal and inland ecosystems in the world, Miami presents unparalleled opportunities as an important design laboratory for landscape architecture. FIU Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design (LAEUD) thrives at the intersection of the built and the natural. At a time when more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, we find the greatest opportunities in places where these worlds intersect and often collide.

Miami’s multilingual, diverse, and ever-expanding needs reflect what many parts of the world will look like in the coming decades. Our focus on leveraging landscape architecture in urbanized regions in the tropics and subtropics make for a program that is profoundly relevant to addressing the issues that will affect the estimated six of the ten billion people who will live in similar regions by 2100.

We believe in equipping our students with cutting edge knowledge and in instilling in them an awareness that is as broad as it is specific. Our award-winning faculty and students whose work is consistently recognized locally, nationally, and internationally, believe in an interdisciplinary approach that draws from art, science, technology, and culture, and that is a reflection of their diversity. We are engaged locally and globally and are committed to research and education that aims for sustainable solutions that aspire to be concurrently poetic and meaningful.

We invite you to visit, collaborate, and add to our ever-growing network of friends and supporters. Whether you are an aspiring applicant to one of our accredited programs, or whether you are a researcher, donor, parent, fan, or employer, we would like to hear from you. We invite you to make waves and move mountains with us as we engage in the work and the ongoing dialogue about how to build and how to imagine better cities, parks, streets, coasts, courtyards, open space, and many of other places that define the meaningful relationship between human beings and their environment.


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