Roberto Rovira


A multi-disciplinary team from Florida International University (FIU) was awarded an $11.4M grant by the US Department of Transportation to implement the “University City Prosperity Project,” which proposes  infrastructural improvements in technology, streetscaping and transit to connect the town of Sweetwater with FIU.  University City utilizes innovative Intelligent Transportation System features to assist students, university staff, and community members to move efficiently to and through the FIU campus. It additionally creates a complete street connection between two portions of the campus currently disconnected, including a new pedestrian bridge over a major street, and constructs complete streets improvements and campus walkways with a Boardwalk and Entry Plaza and Pavilion Project on campus.

Full report available from the National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center for Advance Knowledge Enablement link.

Project Principals

SVP&CFO Kenneth A. Jessell, Institutional Lead
Naphtali D. Rishe, Principal Investigator
Thomas F. Gustafson, Lead Facilitator
S.S. Iyengar, co-PI
Mohammed Hadi, co-PI
Adam Drisin, co-PI
Nagarajan Prabakar, co-PI
Pallab Mozumder, co-PI
Christine Lisetti, co-PI
Elysse Newman, co-PI
Roberto Rovira, co-PI
Juan Acuna, co-PI
Ned Murray, co-PI
Scott C. Graham, co-PI
Jong-Hoon Kim, co-PI
Atorod Azizinamini, co-PI
Nora Szeinblum
Francisco Alonso
Martha E. Gutierrez, Project Manager

University Leadership

Mark Rosenberg, President
Douglas Wartzok, Provost
Steve Sauls, Vice President of Governmental Relations
Andres Gil, Vice President for Research
Amir Mirmiran, Dean, College of Engineering and Computing