Roberto Rovira


The Van Alen Institute and the National Park Service honored FIU’s interdisciplinary team led by Roberto Rovira for the “Parks for the People” competition proposal to re-envision the National Park of the 21st Century.  FIU was 1 of 8 teams selected nationally.  The 27 students from the Landscape Architecture and Architecture departments at FIU’s College of Architecture and the Arts produced, “Living Atlas: The National Park as the University of the 21st Century” using Biscayne National Park as its laboratory.

The interdisciplinary faculty team was comprised by:  Roberto Rovira, Chair and Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, John Stuart, Chair and Professor of Architecture; Elysse Newman, Associate Professor of Architecture; Xavier Cortada, Director of the Office of Engaged Creativity; Mike Heithaus, Associate Professor and Director of the School of the Environment, Arts & Society; Campbell McGrath, Professor of the Department of English.

The students who participated in the Spring 2012 semester studio at FIU were: Jose Alvarez, Maria Ines Aragon, Catalina Arce, Kristen Argalas, Louis Bardi, Ronna Burgoyne, Christopher Cabezas, Josue Feito, Christine Garcia, Maylin Garcia, David Gewurtz, Tristan Gibbs, Martina Gonzalez, Emi Kaneda, Lucille Malacouti, Fiorella Mavares, Marsha McDonald, Daniela Motta, Valentina Nahon, Andrea Preciado Reynoso, Veronica Requena, Viviana Restrepo, Jasbir Singh, Camille Smith, Fannie Torres, Brian Vazquez, and Hon-Shen James Wang.

[The book Atlas Mar, documenting the entire studio process is available as a free download from Lulu].