Roberto Rovira

  • View across the Hudson River in the Summer
  • View of the St. John's Building Bridge across the West Side Highway
  • Birdseye View of Hudson Square with Pier 40 in the background
  • West Elevation of the St. John's Building showing green roof ribbons beyond
  • Green roof ribbons that progressively become denser with plant material
  • Hudson Square Site Plan
  • Various plant and material textures recreate the 1766 map of the Hudson Square area
Hudson Square, New York

Hudson Square is an approximately 30-block district on Manhattan’s West Side formerly known as the “Printing District.” Its connection to the area’s cultural and ecological history and to the Hudson River that borders it was a critical component of this invited competition proposal. As a catalyst that can link the area with year-round activities and programs along Hudson River Park and

Pier 40, the link to the water can establish Hudson Square’s presence as a unique urban/ecological destination. Hudson Square Prints Green! proposed transforming the district’s waterfront into a thriving environment for people and wildlife alike—one that respects the region’s history as both an active printing hub and a former wetlands once covered with creeks and marshes.

Project Details:
Produced by ArquitectonicaGEO with Roberto Rovira as Lead Designer and Senior Landscape Architect for the project.

Project Team:
Ben Hutchens, Alejandra Lopez, Johanna Morales, Alex Moggio, Maria Olivia Mansilla, Bruno Sanabria, George Valdes, Lorena Vasco, Adrian Vonderosten, Jacob Woloshin, Kelly Woodward. GEO Principal: Laurinda Spear. GEO Director: Margarita Blanco