Roberto Rovira

  • Studies of shade structures and water feature
  • Shade structure study
  • Shade structure study
  • Sketch studies
  • Section through raised walkway
  • Alignment of shade structure with North Star
  • Process model and sketch
  • Shade structure re-creates the scale of the original shellmound
Shellmound Park

Commissioned to design a 14,000sf park honoring what used to be the most substantial Native American shellmound in the San Francisco Bay Area, the project proposed the substantial sculptural form of woven metal arches delineating the volume of the original mound. Raised walkways and wetlands grass plantings that define the edges of much of the bay today (and were the

predominant vegetation when the site was inhabited by Native Americans) were proposed to soften the edges of the existing concrete canal. The mural showcased historical images of Native American heritage as well as a timeline showing the evolution of the site’s topography.


Project Team:
Mary Dolden Veale, Arts Consultant
Orantes Architectural Metals
Steve Jones, Plantain Studio