Roberto Rovira

  • Section through park terraces
  • Section through park terraces
  • Birdseye showing wetlands areas, agricultural fields, and greenways that filter runoff from adjacent development
  • Composite proposal
  • Perspective through agricultural and recreational fields
  • Siteplan and Slope Diagram
  • User diagram
  • Program diagrams
  • Section through agricultural fields and ravine
Parque de Valdebebas, Madrid

In this competition proposal, the site’s agricultural history, its deep cross-section and the system of creeks and streams that currently and formerly lined the Valdebebas landscape were used to provide a flexible circulation network of green paths that connected important points in and outside the site. These green corridors allowed the ground to

be inhabited and served many purposes: from the pragmatic benefits of microclimates and the creation of new habitats for birds and animal life, to the embedded landscape features and architecture that showcased life-size exhibits of Iberian geology to provide settings for extreme sports such as rock climbing and mountain-biking.


Project Details:
Produced by ArquitectonicaGEO with Roberto Rovira as Lead Designer and Senior Landscape Architect for the project.

Project Team:
Ben Hutchens, Johanna Morales, Kelly Woodward. GEO Principal: Laurinda Spear. GEO Director: Margarita Blanco