Roberto Rovira

Lake Belt Learning Facility

  • Concept collage_Andrés Pineda
  • Circulation network derived from regional transportation infrastructure_Andrés Pineda
  • Power Generation Area_Andrés Pineda
  • Industrial Artifacts_Andrés Pineda
  • Interpretive Displays_Andrés Pineda
  • Site sections_Andrés Pineda
  • Interpretive Displays_Andrés Pineda
  • Site plan_Carolina Jaimes
  • Site plan detail_Carolina Jaimes
  • Sections through quarry edges_Carolina Jaimes
  • Regional Context_Carolina Jaimes
  • Concept models and diagrams_Carolina Jaimes
  • Birdseye_Carolina Jaimes
  • Perspective_Carolina Jaimes
  • Birdseye_Carolina Jaimes
  • Models_Carolina Jaimes
  • Site plan evolution over 100 years_Devin Cejas
  • Siteplan_Devin Cejas
  • Perspective of recreational zones_Devin Cejas
  • Exhibits_Devin Cejas
  • Outdoor exhibits_Devin Cejas
  • Concept model_Luis Jimenez
  • Typical sections_Luis Jimenez
  • Perspectives of Agricultural and Industrial sites_Luis Jiménez
  • Regional plans_Luis Jiménez
  • Conceptual investigation involving the study of filtration through rock_Luis Jiménez
  • Site plan diagrams_Séfora Chavarria
  • Section through elevated walkway_Séfora Chavarria
  • Section through lake ege_Séfora Chavarria
  • Section through lake ege_Séfora Chavarria
  • Perpsective1_Andres Pineda
  • Perspective_Séfora Chavarria
  • Perspective through concrete culvet_Séfora Chavarria
  • PerspectiveSection_Séfora Chavarria
  • Perspective_Séfora Chavarria
  • Exploded Axon and perspective_Séfora Chavarria
Lake Belt Learning Facility
The Lake Belt Learning Facility studio focused on a 35-acre site at the edge of a limestone quarry in Miami-Dade County. The program called for a center that would provide opportunities to learn about the wildlife and vegetation of this area west of Miami, the activi¬ties of the adjacent limestone quarries, and the
associated mitigation efforts. Through a manipulation of the land¬scape, the project will convey the unique qualities of a site surrounded by diverse land uses that include industry, agriculture, and residential development in an area adjacent to the Everglades.