Roberto Rovira

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  • Engineering Campus Park_Sections_Joanna Ibarra
  • Water Pod Diagram_Cristina Cordero
  • Community Garden Filtration Canopy Pod_Ryan Correia
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  • Community Garden Filtration Canopy Pod_Ryan Correia
  • Responsive Systems Protocell Pod_Siteplan_Joanna Ibarra & Maria Pizano
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  • Responsive Systems Protocell Pod_Joanna Ibarra & Maria Pizano
Engineering Campus Park

The ECPark studio sought the long term, phased transformation of the FIU Engineering Campus. It posed the questions: “What does a Park as a Classroom look like? How can the design of outdoor space connect the physical environment of a university to its pedagogical mission? What types of activities can facilitate learning and transform these spaces into a learning laboratory? As part of the proposal, students were asked to develop a

series of Landscape Pods that would give site users and visitors opportunities to observe first-hand the physical design elements that contribute to sustainability in accordance with the Sustainable Sites Initiative. (SSI promotes sustainable practices in water usage, the conservation of soils, the choices of vegetation and materials, and overall design that supports human health and wellbeing).


Project Goals:
• Creating a signature “Park as a Classroom” that promotes outside activities, learning, recreation & connection to the neighboring context
• Promoting an understanding of sustainable site design through interpretive elements and contact with the designed and natural environment
• Incorporating a select group of SSI Pods into the overall design, while creating a landscape that ties these together seamlessly
• Proposing intelligent strategies for long term implementation that incrementally builds on the phased transformation of EC
• Improved integration, visibility and access of EC to the surrounding context of Sweetwater
• Exploring design ideas that are ambitious, aesthetic, and meaningful and that explore a healthy urban ecology in ways that are exciting, educational, memorable and cutting edge

Studio Faculty:
Roberto Rovira & Marta Canaves