Roberto Rovira

  • Closeup of yarn and wood clips
  • Installation process
  • Section through drydock with scale figure
  • Drydock from above | Installation at drydock entrance
  • Installation at the level of the strings
  • Installation from slightly below
Drydock Loom

Constructed out of 13,000 feet of intensely colored blue, acrylic line, individual lengths of string were attached to the existing pipes of an abandoned drydock. Spaced 2ft on center, approximately 16ft off the ground, the variation in the tension of each line created an evanescent blue gradient in the drydock’s colossal void. The loom’s hazy definition appeared to hover in the

space and alluded to the water surface on the opposite side of the steel dam at the end of the drydock. A view along the axis of the dock as one descended into the space, transformed from near invisibility, to intense visibility at eye level, to near invisibility when one was again directly under the canopy of the strings. Installation assistance by Rafael Rovira and Matthew Rutledge.