Roberto Rovira

  • View of Elevated Walkway and Bromeliarium from the Ground
  • Site Plan
  • Adjacent Creek, Forest Canopy and Regional Nursery Context
  • Bromeliarium Structures in the Forest
  • Concept Sketches and Elements
  • Site Hydrology Diagram
  • Hacienda Grounds, Coffee Processing Facilities and Site
  • View of Terraced Nurseries from Museum Pavilion Terrace
  • Entrance Flower Islands (circular planting beds and ponds)
  • Museum Pavilion Courtyard with Laboratories to the Left and Galleries to the Right
  • Central Water Axis
  • East-West Section through Site
  • North-South Section through Site
  • Bamboo Axis Traverses the site from Bamboo's Natural Habitat to its Constructed Form
  • Coffee Trails Traverse the Site from the Planted Hillside to the Cafe
  • Program Areas with Revenue-generating Areas in Green
Parque de las Flores

Parque de las Flores proposes a  model for a botanical garden whereby scientific, technological, cultural, educational, aesthetic and economic agendas are integrated into an ecologically-based proposal that is driven and framed by its landscape. The client sought to transform the 7.5 hectares of this former coffee hacienda into a botanical park and museum to showcase the

flora and fauna of the region. The site is located in a 100-year old former coffee plantation whose processing facility was hydrologically powered using a system of canals and cisterns that made their way through the site from the adjacent creek. An expanded hydrological system is used to create irrigation channels and fountains in the new design.


Studio Associates:
José Alvarez
Joanna Ibarra
Martina Gonzalez
Lopez/Jaimes Design Studio, Architectural Consultants