Roberto Rovira

  • Concept sketch
  • Siteplan sketch
  • Process models using wood pylons from the site
  • Concept models
  • Typical wood pylon / pier remnant surrounded on site
  • Site view from adjacent bridge entering they city
  • Concept montage
Wilson Avenue Light Towers (WALT)

Paralleling this important entrance into the city, the Wilson Avenue Light Tower Project proposes a series of towering lookouts that project onto the adjacent river’s wetlands.Each tower has a tall, solar-powered, hollow mast that is illuminated at night, providing a pedestrian destination that educates the public about the neighboring wetlands & watershed.

Their form is inspired by the remnants of wood pylons that formerly supported docks along the edge of the strait. The tower exterior abstracts the grain of the wood, using closely spaced, metal rods. The towers’ vertical proportion is meant to echo the cranes from Mare Island, the former naval shipyard across the water.


Project Funding:
The project is funded by the City of Vallejo.

Studio Associate:
Mike Tramutola