Roberto Rovira

  • View down from second level
  • Space as playground
  • View from third level
  • View from the fourth floor
  • View up into third and fourth floors
  • Tillandsia Clusters
  • View from fourth level
  • View through Webnet
  • Installation Images
The Sky Lounge

The Sky Lounge transforms one of Florida International University’s earlier buildings and takes advantage of the courtyard’s dramatic height, while being mindful of the constraints of maintenance and existing infrastructure underground. It creates a protected and flexible space that can serve for quiet study, conversation, contemplation, gathering, and occasional presentations. The minimum maintenance design solution provides users and passersby

 a destination unlike any other on campus. Over 3,000 air plants hang from light stainless steel braided shapes overhead and large circular benches, custom-designed for this project, provide a place to sit back, relax and take in the sky above, the blue glass underfoot, and the vines that will eventually cover the surrounding walls. Read the coverage in Landscape Architecture Magazine here.



Project Team:

Roberto Rovira, Lead Designer
José Álvarez, Martina González, Mario Menéndez & Luis Jiménez, Studio Associates
Sylvia Berenguer, Director Of Construction, FIU Facilities
Jim Piersol, Architect Of Record, Principal, MCHarry Associates
Barry Stevenson, Project Manager, Stobs Brothers Construction

Mark B. Rosenberg, President
Sandra Gonzalez-Levy, Senior Vice President, FIU External Relations

Air Plant Installation Team:
Alejandro Rovira, Andrea Sandoval, Brian Vazquez,Anwar Morales, Chris Cabezas, Christine Garcia, Corky The Dog, Daniela Menendez, Dava Thompson, Giovanni Guadarrama, Joel Bohorquez, Jose Alvarez, Kevin Arrieta, Kurt Schubert, Lola Bellaflores, Martina Gonzalez, Odette Barrientos, Roberto Rovira, Rafael Santos, Rodrigo Rovira, Santiago Arroyave, Sergio Pantoja, Vanessa Salcedo, Vicente Rovira, Yemail Sanchez

Project Details:
Funding for this project comes from various sources, including the Student Government Association, the College of Arts & Sciences, Facilities Management and donations from Permaloc Corporation, Stobs Brothers Construction, MCHarry Associates, and Studio Roberto Rovira.