Roberto Rovira

  • Caribbean Context
Rietveld Park, Aruba

Rietveld Park in Oranjestad, Aruba, borrows from the legacy of Gerrit Rietveld as much as from the bold colors and textures of the island’s vernacular architecture and landscape. The relationship between Rietveld Park and Rietveld Academie across the street is complementary in that the park will naturally function as the school’s outdoor plaza and classroom.

The Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands focuses on fine art and design and traces its roots to the De Stijl and to its namesake Gerrit Rietveld who designed the school in the Amsterdam. The park design is based on Rietveld’s seminal Red-Blue chair and on Aruba’s wind-swept landscape.

Project Team:
Roberto Rovira: Lead Designer
Amanda Vargas-Love, Andrea Sandoval, José Alvarez, Martina Gonzalez, Brennan Baxley, Selene Varela, Steve Feccia: Studio Associates

Project Manager: Paula Lopez Aguilar, Zulo Arquitectos, Aruba

Photos of Rietveld Park and Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba:

1_rietveldpark_studiorobertorovira_img_7051_960 2_rietveldpark_studiorobertorovira_photo_img_7049_960
Construction Progress:
RIETVELDPARK_Progress_StudioRobertoRovira_EndView_960 RIETVELDPARK_Progress_StudioRobertoRovira_SideView2_960