Roberto Rovira

  • Urban Development Boundary_Concept Diagram_Cecilia Hernandez
  • Everglades Water Diagram_Andres Pineda
  • Concept/Qualitative Diagram_Andres Pineda
  • Site plan_Andrés Pineda
  • Site Models
  • Site model_Andrés Pineda
  • Site model detail_Andrés Pineda
  • Park Edge Perspective_Andres Pineda
  • Typical Sections_Andres Pineda
  • Parking Edge Perspective_Andres Pineda
  • Site Texture Transects
  • Path Network Perspective_Brennan Baxley
  • Boardwalk Perspective_Brennan Baxley
  • Section Concept_Brennan Baxley
  • Concept Section Diagram_Brennan Baxley
  • Site Model Closeup_Brennan Baxley
  • Site Plan and Section Diagrams_Brennan Baxley
  • Siteplan Diagrams_Brennan Baxley
  • Absorption + Permeation Concept Models_Brennan Baxley
  • Site Concept Models_Brennan Baxley
  • Regional Concept Diagram_Brennan Baxley
  • Siteplan Detail_Brennan Baxley
  • Site Transects_Brennan Baxley
  • Site Composite_Brennan Baxley
CLUI_South Florida

The studio dealt with a site at the edge of Miami’s Urban Development Boundary–a limit established in the 1970’s to control Miami’s westward development into the Everglades. Students were asked to locate the “Center for Land Use Interpretation_South Florida”, a research organization

interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth’s surface in the South Florida region modeled after a center by the same name in Culver City, CA.”