Roberto Rovira

  • Entrance from US1
  • Entrance from US1
  • Entrance from US1, closeup
  • Topographical forms inspired by tidal patterns
  • Birdseye view of entrance
  • Hotel intersection
  • Hotel intersection Day | Night
  • Main Street patterns and textures
  • Parking lit naturally via sidewalk skylights
  • Median Park
  • Lake Park
  • Section through Lake Park terraces
  • Section through Lake Park, left
  • Section through Lake Park, right
  • Bench and Planter studies
Biscayne Landing

The reclamation of this nearly 200-acre former landfill site into a retail, residential and commercial mixed-use community made Biscayne Landing the largest LEED development project in the southeastern United States at the time. Located next to Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park, Biscayne Landing proposed integrating the mixed-use development within

the rich natural environment by using the mangrove as a generator of form. The landscape interpreted processes, shapes and colors from the adjacent forest and began with the dramatic gesture of large berms at its entrance that emulated the tidal topography of the coast while providing effective visual and acoustic buffers.


Project Details:
Produced by ArquitectonicaGEO with Roberto Rovira as Lead Designer and Senior Landscape Architect for the project.

Project Team:
Jeremy Gauger, Ben Hutchens, Tania Torrentes, Johanna Morales, Kelly Woodward, Alberto Corripio, Mariela Davalos, Noah Garcia, Donia Hopkins, Xavier Rodriguez, McKenzie O’Neill, Alejandra Lopez, Bruno Sanabria, Lorena Vasco, Adrian Vonderosten, GEO Principal: Laurinda Spear, GEO Director: Margarita Blanco