Roberto Rovira

  • Invasive shrubs suspended with twine
Inverted Forest

Hundreds of ‘invasive’ shrubs were suspended with twine from the underside of two buildings’ fire escapes.  The inverted foliage created a rustling yellow band of leaves above passersby.  The floor was covered with 6 inches of dry leaves.

Founded in 1996 in Providence, RI, Guerrilla Gardens focused on developing the medium of the “semi-anonymous” temporary installation as a way of expressing the potential of landscape and architecture in various urban spaces. Featured in “Guerrilla Gardens” documentary by Brett Rogers.


Guerrilla Garden Collaborators:
Kimberly Mercurio, Patti Roca, Jeff Brandt, Lola Bellaflores, Jim Drain, Timerie Gordon, Chris Nielsen, Mimi Ahn, Manuel Morales, Justin Minda, Maria Alejandra Lovera, Gabriela Lovera, Jesse Tucker, Elizabeth Torbit, Lilla Wells, Sarita Govani, Steve Jones, Joshua Galloway, Marcus Epps, Lisa Langer, Megan McLarney, Brett Rogers, Liesel Fenner, Joelle Byrer, Jeff Asanza, Lea DeLeonardo, Timon Phillips, Jerry Delpriore, Aaron, Eugene Yu, Sosei, and many others.