Roberto Rovira

  • Canopy Studies
  • Concept Sketches
  • Surf Avenue Streetscape Perspective with canopies at night
  • Stillwell Avenue Section with shade canopies
  • Street Section
  • Stillwell Avenue Plan
  • Stillwell Avenue Plan closeup
  • Stillwell Avenue Perspective
  • Mermaid Paving Pattern by Roberto Rovira
  • Street Plan with terminus fountain
  • Plant Palette
  • Paving Pattern Studies
  • Schematic Plan
  • Concept Sketch of Surf Avenue
Coney Island New York

This proposal for a waterfront boardwalk used the language of marine forms to create an immersive environment that would appeal at all hours. By complementing a lighting scheme designed around tidal fluctuation, fountains and features would change throughout the day and cast dynamic shadows. Lattice-like structures with striking silhouettes, paving patterns illustrating

marine life, and plant material meant to evoke waves emulated the strangely captivating landscape of the ocean floor. The light and colorful canopies proposed throughout the site provide a unifying language that makes for cool spaces during the day and a wayfinding network throughout.


Project Details:
Produced by ArquitectonicaGEO with Roberto Rovira as Conceptual & Lead Designer for the project.

Project Team:
Jeremy Gauger, Ben Hutchens, Tania Torrentes, Johanna Morales, Jacob Woloshin, GEO Principal: Laurinda Spear, GEO Director: Margarita Blanco