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Boca Museum of Art

A combination of elements rethink the museum’s exterior as a canvas that opens up to the city and transforms the existing sidewalk into an exterior gallery that is accessible and openly visible to the passing public. +


Map of Cuba. Hand painted intaglio map. +

Love Orlando Logo

This simple graphic honors the tragic legacy of the many innocent lives lost and altered in a senseless act of violence in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours of Sunday, 12JUN2016. +

Florida Fauna Maps

These hand painted intaglio prints document typical Florida fauna and feature birds, fish and butterflies that can commonly be found in the state.    Exhibit at Frost Art Museum:

San Francisco Infinite Observer

Infinite Observer plays upon the idea of an infinite loop between observer and observed as one surveys a cartographic representation of land and city. The boundary between the observer and the observed is ambiguously juxtaposed, creating new spaces and new … +

Shallow Depth

The work of this exhibition was the first collaboration among Jason Chandler, Jacek J. Kolasinski and Roberto Rovira, an architect, an artist and a landscape architect, respectively. The exhibition collapses the disciplinary boundaries of these three educators to reveal the … +

Continental Migration Prints

These cartographic displacements simulate the geographic migration of Latin American and Caribbean countries and nations onto three US cities. The geometric sum of their shapes creates new, imaginary landforms that reflect the multicultural diversity brought on by urban migration in … +


Site DisPlacement explored some of the material limits and potentials of cardboard to shape space and create infrastructure for people and vegetation. The material origin and waste stream of cardboard was additionally be researched +

Wynwood Greenhouse Park

The Wynwood Greenhouse proposes an open and flexible framework that exists at the intersection of art, architecture, and landscape. This iconic destination for design, music, art, events, and play, is composed of an ultra-thin structural frame… +

Magnolia North Park, Opa Locka, FL

This community park transformed four vacant lots into one of Opa Locka, Florida’s, more thriving public spaces. In a neighborhood challenged by a history of violence, economic depression and urban decay +

Rietveld Park, Aruba

The design of Rietveld Park in Oranjestad, Aruba, borrows from the legacy of Gerrit Rietveld as much as from the bold colors and textures of the island’s vernacular architecture and landscape. +

Lauderhill Overpass

The transformation of the overpass structure addresses the challenges of an imposing and divisive bridge by introducing large scale shade structures that provide shelter and protection as much as they aim to reflect the identity of the surrounding community… +

Easel-Bench Courtyard

The Easel-Bench Project at South Miami Middle Arts Magnet extends the elementary school’s art studios into the adjacent courtyard, in effect doubling the existing classroom space. +

The Sky Lounge

The FIU Deuxième Maison courtyard redesign transforms one of Florida International University’s earlier buildings and takes advantage of the courtyard’s dramatic height, while being mindful of the constraints of maintenance and existing infrastructure underground… +

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum creates a model for ‘primitive luxury’ for the region by carving into the sandstone cliffs near a nature preserve close to Petra, Jordan. The landscape features of this 80,000sf site minimize water usage and energy consumption while maximizing comfortable healthy living and exposure to the natural beauty of the area… +

Parque de las Flores

Parque de las Flores proposes a  model for the botanical garden whereby scientific, technological, cultural, educational, aesthetic and economic agendas are integrated into an ecologically-based proposal… +

Engineering Campus Park

The ECPark studio sought the long term, phased transformation of the FIU Engineering Campus. It posed the questions: “What does a Park as a Classroom look like? How can the design of outdoor space connect the physical environment of a university to its pedagogical mission? +

FIU Landscape Promotional Campaign

Roberto Rovira designed the Make Waves, Move Mountains, Start Something campaign as chair of the FIU Landscape Architecture program. Small cards were created that matched award-winning student project images with +

Lake Belt Learning Facility

The Lake Belt Learning Facility studio focused on a 35-acre site at the edge of a limestone quarry in Miami-Dade County. The program called for a center that would provide opportunities to learn about the wildlife and vegetation of this area west of Miami, +

The Ecological Atlas Project

The Ecological Atlas is a visually intuitive mapping method that provides a means with which to understand the relationships and the richness of living systems. The project addresses the challenge of visualizing and understanding relationships among individual… +

Global Reach and Impact Graphic

The graphic summarizes the various activities, events, and recognition that the FIU Landscape Architecture program received from 2006 to 2012, as part of the program’s re-accreditation visit. The resulting graphic shows the “Reach and Impact” of the program’s students and faculty. +

Mission Planters

Steel planters are designed, customized and produced by Roberto Rovira Incorporated. The corten steel provides an oxidized patina that weathers well with age. Other finishes are also available. +

Forged Steel & Glass Drafting Table

This steel and glass drafting/light table was designed and built by Roberto Rovira.

Mill Valley Planters

See more. +

H2H Planters

Modernline_H2H is a narrow metal planter ideal for defining boundaries with a crisp clean line. Custom sizes and profiles available.

Bigbox Planters

Modernline_Bigbox provides enough soil depth for large plant material that makes an immediate impact. Custom sizes and profiles available. +

Hoop Planters

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Copia Planters

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Flor 500 Logo

FLOR500 is a participatory art, nature, and history project by Miami artist Xavier Cortada to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida. Logo design  by Roberto Rovira. +

Nature Preserve Park

Formerly an integral part of the greater Everglades ecosystem, the seven acre FIU Preserve was at the eastern boundary of the fabled “river of grass.” A destination for local wildlife as well as for education, leisure and recreation within the FIU campus, the Preserve studied design solutions that would help learn about the ecology +